The tool for ambitious writing projects.

Theodore helps you bring your biggest ideas to life. Capture your thoughts and plan out your your writing project. Craft your proses using an editor the removes distractions and helps you maintain your focus. Hone your writing by inviting an editor to review your work. Use Theodore’s smart tools to help you edit your writing, find problems, and dissect your story. Format and publish your work for the world to read.

“After years of sitting on an idea that I’ve had rattling around in my head, I’m finally making meaningful progress on my manuscript.”

See the big picture while you’re working on the little details.

Theodore helps you stay organized by letting you break your writing into smaller blocks and then move them around at will. Does a scene need to happen earlier in the story? No problem. Just move the scene to where it should be an all of its notes and settings come with it.

Add extra information about each block of text to keep track of the small details within your project. This details be things like character and location information, or even just a reminder that a section needs more research. Then use Theodore’s powerful smart tools and search feature to help you get a bird’s-eye of your prose.

The details that we’re sweating

Your writing, everywhere

Write on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Use Theodore to publish your work for your readers to read on any device they choose—including those made from trees.

Offline, synced to your devices

Work while over the ocean on a plane or on top of a mountain. Once you’ve connected back to the internet again all of your writing will be synced back to all of your devices.

Start writing, stay focused

Theodore stays out of your way while you’re writing, letting you focus on your work. It also includes distraction-free modes to help you move forward by keeping you from self-editing.

Lets your ideas shine

Move beyond Google Docs where all of your writing exists as one, long stream of text. Use Theodore’s organizational features to bring order and clarity to complex themes and stories.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Theodore?
Theodore is a tool for writers that helps guide their big ideas from that initial thought all the way to being read by readers. We like to say that it is a tool for ambitious writing projects because Theodore excels at keeping longer pieces of work organized and moving forward all the way to completion.
Is it out yet?
Not quite. We have a handful of alpha users using Theodore but we’re still limiting access while we make sure that your hard work is safe and sound.
Who are you guys?
We’re a husband and wife team! Jeremy is a software engineer with an itch for writing. He has been making software for 20 years now but recently caught the writing bug. He started documenting his travel tales and writing short stories for his daughter to read but became unsatisfied with the tools available, so he thought he’d write his own. Danielle handles the accounting and bookkeeping but will occasionally help out with support too.
Can I use it now?
Very soon! The best way to get an invite is to request access and join the waiting list. We’re slowly adding people to help us test out the app and give us feedback. We think that you’re going to love it. Leave your email below to request access.
Where can I use the app?
Eventually everywhere! Our first priority is the web app but we’re already working on apps for iPhone and iPads as well as Android phones and tablets. Apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers are in the works too!
How can I contact you?
Right here! We would love to get your thoughts about what we’re building and we genuinely just love hearing from writers. Please say hello!